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Music Unraveled #17 with Sean Mills of “Machine Funk: A Tribute to Widespread Panic”

October 18, 2020

Sean Mills of the band "Machine Funk" is on the show to talk about his music, Widespread Panic.  Sean talks about seeing Panic live at the height of the Houser.  Sean talks candidly about his approach to covering their music, his gear selection and singing and playing lead for the band in their live performances.  

This podcast is full of a ton of great stories about the band, as well as the origin of the name of "Machine Funk", which any Panic fan is sure to enjoy hearing.  

Thank you all for listening and thank you to Sean for taking the time to come on the show and share his passion!  At the end of this podcast Sean performs "Driving Song" and "Porch Song"
***We are still dialing in our sound for long distance performances***

Listen to Machine Funk live in Asheville, NC here:

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